Who We Are

Revolve Impact and The Raben Group, two organizations with extensive experience in criminal justice policy, operate the Justice Policy Network


People not individuals make long term systemic change possible.

- ”Mike

Revolve Impact is a daring social impact agency that offers policy, marketing and strategic media expertise to an influential clientele. Revolve Impact specializes in building authentic, innovative, people-centered, issue-based campaigns and utilizes the creative arts to further reach and engage multiple communities. Revolve Impact’s clients are a wide-range of artists, nonprofit and government entities, corporate communities, and philanthropic foundations. Revolve Impact’s experience includes helping clients integrate the arts and multimedia platforms into their existing infrastructure; facilitating internationally recognized coalition-building efforts; and influencing policy, legislation, and public opinion through advocacy and organizing. For more information on Revolve Impact, visit www.RevolveImpact.com


It often takes – dare we say it – a village to change public policy.

- ”Robert

The Raben Group brings together a diverse collection of professionals with deep roots in law and progressive public policy. The mission of The Raben Group is to identify opportunities and solve problems for clients in the corporate, nonprofit, foundation and government sectors. Founded in 2001 by former Assistant Attorney General Robert Raben, The Raben Group has grown to more than 50 employees in offices in Washington, New York and Los Angeles. Working with both Republican and Democratic Congresses and presidential administrations, The Raben Group has used its wide range of experience, insight and access to help clients set and achieve their goals in fields as diverse as intellectual property, labor, health, education, financial services, multiculturalism, constitutional law and social justice. For more information on The Raben Group, visit www.RabenGroup.com