The Fellowship is the core of the Justice Policy Network. It is designed to provide fellows with a thorough foundation in criminal justice policy and practice. Through engaging coursework, interaction with nationally renowned experts and system leaders, and in-depth study of practical, real-world case studies, fellows will gain a greater awareness of the environment in which policy decisions are made, and develop an understanding of the effects that those decisions have on both the private and public sectors.

Leadership training sessions will allow fellows to engage in substantive policy discussions and gain first-hand knowledge of how to draft, pass and implement smart justice polices and legislation. All participants will receive career support and guidance from members of the Justice Policy Network staff, advisory board and alumni association.


  • Real World Policy Experience
  • Increase Marketability
  • Professional Development
  • Possible Employment

Upon completion of the Justice Policy Network Fellowship Program, fellows will be able to:

  1. Identify emerging trends and issues in criminal and juvenile justice.
  2. Articulate a basic understanding of criminal justice policies and practices.
  3. Understand the roles of policymakers, law enforcement, courts, non-profits and advocates.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of how to draft and implement a policy campaign.