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Los Angeles ProgramWashington/Baltimore Program

Attach a typed written statement of up to three pages in length describing the following: 1) Why you are interested in participating in this fellowship; 2) Your qualifications, and; 3) Your vision for what our criminal justice system should look like.

The written statement can deal with your personal history, family background, intellectual development, and the educational, professional, or cultural opportunities to which you have been exposed and their impact on you.

Please be sure to explain what knowledge, experience and skills you would bring to the fellowship that would enable you to thrive in the program, addressing any specific strengths, versatility, and relevant work experience(s). In particular, make sure to elaborate on your personal goals, what you would like to gain from the program and how the fellowship will help you play a role in your vision for a transformed justice system.

In addition, please provide a resume/CV and a writing sample not to exceed 3 pages.

Your written statement and writing sample must be formatted using: 1) Times New Roman font, 2) a font size of 12, 3) one inch margins on all sides, and 4) up to two pages in length. Include as a header, your name and page number.